Hanover Car Wash

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All Shined Up Car Wash in Hanover offers an array of washing options. Hanover offers The Unlimited Wash Club program for individuals, fleet accounts for businesses, or pay as you wash options.

The 120’ state of the art Express Soft Touch Conveyor Tunnel is open 9am-6pm weather permitting. The best wash for the value is The All Shined Up Wash. This option offers all the bells and whistles such as Attendant Hand Prep, Undercarriage, Wheel Cleaner, Tire Brush, Tire Shine, Triple Foam, Sealer Wax, High Pressure Blasters, Rain-X, Simoniz Hot Wax and Shine with Pure Carnauba Wax, Spot Free Rinse, and Super Dryers.

The following options are all OPEN 24 HOURS a day in our Hanover Car Wash location! Bay 1: Soft Touch offers a super quiet car wash with 4 package options for maintaining a clean vehicle. Bay 2: offers Soft Touch or Touch Free options that in some packages include high pressure water combined with specially formulated chemical compounds to release and remove the stubborn grime that can build up on infrequently washed vehicles. There are 4 self-serve bays available for the do it yourselfers with doors for wind protection. 16 Vacuums, 2 Shampoo Machines, 2 Fragrance Machines, and plentiful vending options are available to help you get the inside of your vehicle looking and smelling great!


2 In-Bay Automatics:

  • Autec Evolution – Soft Touch or Touchless offering RAIN-X: Open 24 Hours
  • Mark VII – Soft Touch offering RAIN-X: Open 24 Hours
  • 4 Self-Serve Bays: offering RAIN-X
  • 16 Vacuums, Fragrance Machines, and Shampoo Machines
  • Mega Vender and Wall Venders

Accepts Cash, Credit Cards, Quarters, and Tokens as labeled.

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